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5 Autotask PSA Features Every MSP Pro Should Know

All too often an MSP can invest in a powerful professional service automation (PSA) platform only to fall behind on functionality and updates. Be sure to maximize your Autotask PSA investment by checking out these 5 features to gain new insights and greater efficiency.

  1. Display Mode – What’s your preference: light or dark? If you need to give your eyes a rest or just want to explore the darker side of things, Autotask Display preferences can help you choose how to see the light.
  2. Integration Center – If technology is best when it brings people together, then Autotask enhances this premise with its capabilities of integrating third-party vendors to offer greater flexibility and productivity.
  3. LiveMobile for iOS and Android – Opportunity is the key word. Users can create, edit, view and search Autotask opportunities as well as add supporting file or capture attachments to them on their mobile devices.
  4. Rule-Based Billing – This Autotask set-and-forget feature associates billing specifically to contacts and devices. Automating this process with “rule-based billing” can save hours of manual quantity or user adjustments to invoices each month. Your accounting team will thank you!
  5. UI Dashboard – Want to see what’s happening at a glance? Users can gain a 360-view of customer accounts and see the status of tickets from a single view in Autotask with its customizable dashboard offerings.

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In this webinar, Dustin Puryear, Autotask expert and MSP industry veteran, will show you how to set up Kanban boards in Autotask, integrate them with your workflow rules, and how to get the most out of them.

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