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Dustin Puryear

Managing Spam Tickets in Autotask - March 28, 2024

Video: Managing Spam Tickets in Autotask – March 28, 2024

Learn how to effectively manage spam tickets in Autotask to enhance efficiency in your processes!

This is the latest episode of: Unleash the Power of Autotask with Dustin Puryear’s Expert Office Hours for Autotask.

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Automating Service Call Management in Autotask with Rocketship

Video: Automating Service Call Management in Autotask with Rocketship

In this insightful video, we delve into how Rocketship for Autotask is transforming the landscape of service call management. We examine the challenges faced by today’s helpdesks, such as handling workload reports, managing service calls, ticket queueing, and appointment booking, which are often complicated by urgent ticket disruptions. We discuss how these challenges lead to increased labor costs, delays, and the need for additional dispatchers.

Key Points Covered:

The Need for Automation in Service Call Management: We discuss the benefits of automating appointments and to-dos, highlighting Rocketship’s ability to dynamically adjust schedules based on ticket priorities for a smoother workflow integration.

The Challenges of Traditional Scheduling: We address the time-consuming, human-centered, and error-prone nature of conventional scheduling methods in IT service management.

SmartWorkQ – Advanced AI for Efficiency: An in-depth look at how Rocketship’s SmartWorkQ uses advanced AI to optimize work orders and schedules, ensuring prompt service and adherence to SLAs.

Streamlining Service Calls: Demonstrating how Rocketship automates service call initiation, updating, and completion, drastically reducing manual effort.

Flexibility in Ticket Management: Exploring scenarios where technicians need additional time on tickets, and how Rocketship efficiently manages these changes, including putting tickets on hold when necessary.

Enhanced Scheduling for Onsite Visits: Detailing how Rocketship facilitates onsite server installations, including sending Outlook invites and adjusting calendars for travel time.

The Technician Workboard and Dispatcher’s HUD: Showcasing Rocketship’s embedded Technician Workboard and Dispatcher’s HUD, which provide a comprehensive view of work status, technician workload, and more, crucial for busy helpdesks.

This video is a must-watch for IT service managers and helpdesk teams looking to enhance their efficiency and automate their service call management processes.

Automating Ticket Assignments in Autotask with Rocketship

Video: Automating Ticket Assignments in Autotask with Rocketship

This video script provides a comprehensive overview of how Rocketship, in partnership with Autotask, transforms helpdesk operations for MSPs. It delves into the challenges faced in ticket management, such as misalignment of tickets, technicians, and time, and how these impact customers, technicians, and managers. The script highlights Rocketship’s integration with Autotask, emphasizing its ability to automate ticket ownership from creation to closure, thus streamlining the entire ticket lifecycle.

Key features discussed include:
1. The automation of dispatching tickets, making the process more efficient and reducing manual effort.
2. Simplification of escalations in multi-tier helpdesks, enabling quick and effective ticket resolution.
3. Streamlined executive decision-making processes for direct ticket routing.

The video aims to demonstrate how Rocketship and Autotask collectively empower MSPs to enhance their helpdesk efficiency, reduce SLA breaches, and enable teams to focus on the right tasks at the right times. This results in improved service quality, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency, positioning Rocketship as a pivotal tool for MSPs looking to optimize their helpdesk operations.

How to email via Autotask using 3rd party add-ons

Discover how Rocketship found a creative solution for a client’s unique request to automatically email ticket contacts when a specific Rocketship Workflow is triggered. Find out how we implemented this solution using Autotask’s User Defined Field feature.


In this webinar, Dustin Puryear, Autotask expert and MSP industry veteran, will show you how to set up Kanban boards in Autotask, integrate them with your workflow rules, and how to get the most out of them.