Here is an Autotask Glossary to the terms and definitions found in Autotask PSA that begin with the letter A:

AccountThe name of a company, customer or client in Autotask.
Account ManagerThe resource in an organization who will take overall responsibility for the account relationship.
Account TeamResources associated to an account.
Action TypeCategorizes CRM notes and to-dos and describes the nature of the sales activity.
ActiveWhen enabled the process for which the setting was configured will run.
Active Directory TypeThe protocol used to synchronize AD users with the contacts of an Autotask company.
Actual HoursThe total of worked hours across all tasks.
AddressIntegral part of company, contact, and resource records propagated to entities that are part of the billing workflow.
Adjusted Unit PriceA calculated field that appears on a quote that states the unit price after a discount has been applied.
AliasA name other than the tag label that can be used to identify a tag.
AnnouncementsA section that displays important project notes in the project summary.
Approval StatusThis field represents the current approval status of a quote.
Approve and PostThis field determines whether you approve and post labor manually, on timesheet approval, or immediately on time entry.
ApproverA person who is responsible for approving timesheets, expense reports or change request tickets.
AssetA product associated with a company that is being supported with a ticket or affected by a subscription.
Assigned ToThis field determines who is assigned to an entity.
Autotask AdministratorA system resource with administrative security permissions.
(It does not count as an active resource and cannot be deleted).
Autotask PSA AdministratorThe resource at your company with primary responsibility for maintaining the administration of your Autotask PSA database.
AvailableThis field refers to stocked items, purchase order items, and product quote items that you keep in inventory.

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