Here is an Autotask Glossary to the terms and definitions found in Autotask PSA that begin with the letter B:

Benchmark QuestionsA set of pre-configured questions that can be included on a survey and used to compare your performance against your peers in the industry. They collect a standard set of data on how customers rate your company’s service delivery performance and practices.
Billable AmountA calculated field value that is equal to Unit Price x Quantity.
Billable to CompanyA checkbox that determines whether a charge will be billed to the company that will appear in Approve & Post > Charges.
Billing CodeBilling codes associate items with the correct tax category and can categorize billing items in reports.
Billing CompanyAn option to send an invoice for billing items generated by a contract to a third party (other than the parent company) for a customer.
Billing ProductBilling products are used for billing by the contact or asset.
Billing RuleAn automated mechanism for creating monthly contract charges to bill for services by the number of contacts or assets.
Block HourRefers to prepaid contracts where the service provider sells a certain number of work hours to a customer.
BudgetedInformation regarding estimated labor for a phase that is associated with a project.
BulkSome products represent units of a bulk item (such as 100 feet of cable on one spool). MSPs manage these items by unit – selling a few feet at a time without selling the entire spool.

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