This article describes how to configure a new Ticket Insight for Rocketship’s /CMD board. When done, you’ll be able to work with Rocketship/CMD, as shown in this example:

Accessing Rocketship/CMD via an Autotask Ticket
  1. Log into Autotask
  2. Click on Admin->Features & Settings
  3. Click on Service Desk
  4. Click on Ticket Categories
  5. Edit your Standard Ticket Category
  6. Click on Insights
  7. You will see “Rocketship/CMD” in the Hidden Insights section. Drag it to the top of “Visible Insights”, as shown in the screenshot below.
  8. Click Save& Close

You will now see Rocketship/CMD in any ticket that has the Ticket Category of Standard. You can repeat this as needed for each Ticket Category.