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How to view your Autotask Entities and Picklists in Rocketship

There is an admin tool in Rocketship to help you view your current list of entities (e.g., companies, resources) and picklists (e.g., ticket status, task priority). This can help if you want a full list when building process automation rules or escalation rules in Rocketship.

First, let’s find the tool:

  1. In Rocketship, go to Autotask->Connection Setup
  2. Click Tools under Connection Stats
  3. You will now see two tables: Entity Types and Field Picklists.

Now, let’s say you want to view all subIssueTypes:

  1. In the Field Picklists table
  2. Find subIssueType
  3. Click View Picklists
  4. You can view the entries in this page or download as a CVS/Text/JSON via the Export button

Any picklists with a Parent Field (e.g., subIssueType has a parent of issueType will also show the parent field in the grid.

Exporting a Picklist
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