Dustin Puryear, Giant Rocketship’s founder and CEO, was featured in the latest episode of MSP Insights. The discussion focused on many of the challenges MSP CEOs face in leading and transitioning from working in the business to running and leading the business, and the importance of why technology should be integrated into any business. Dustin shares his compelling story and discusses how and when it is the right time to implement technology and how innovation is driving operational improvements in the business.

Dustin began his IT career over 20 years ago as a developer and system administrator during the dot.com boom with specialized consulting and management projects and then transitioned into his current MSP business, which he founded in 2002.

With his background as a developer, Dustin created the innovative Giant Rocketship software as a service platform designed to work with Datto Autotask and solve problems his own MSP was facing by automating ticket dispatch, scheduling, and escalation workflows.

Be sure to check out Dustin’s interview on Datto’s MSP Insights. It is a great resource for any current or future MSP owner who is looking to better understand how to build a successful talent pipeline, leverage technology to scale their business, and ultimately deploy a strategic growth strategy.