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rocketRTM v1.0.2 Release

We are proud to announce v1.0.2 of rocketRTM for Autotask. With this version, we have expanded the capabilities of Search further, based on user requests:

  • You can now select “referenced entities” via dropdown, e.g., if you want to search for a Company where “ownerResourceID=yourAutotaskUser”, that works very easily now — same method as with a picklist.
  • We now cache referenced entities for vastly improve performance when building a new Search in the UI.
  • The dropdowns now auto-expand to fit the largest field name. Before, very large field names may require a hscroll bar.
  • We have excluded certain fields that require a User to enable features in Autotask that are not enabled by default, e.g., multi-currency. These fields are rarely used. We may re-introduce them later by User request, but the decision was to exclude fields that forced a User to change their Autotask settings when used.
The updated Search and Search Parameter forms should now be easier to use! Screenshot included.
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