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rocketRTM v1.0.3 Release

We are proud to announce v1.0.3 of rocketRTM for Autotask. With this version, we now support the use of User Defined Fields (UDFs) in Search. This release also has several minor updates that improve the UI.

  • We now support Company UDFs in Search. This greatly expands the ability of rocketRTM to find the exact set of Companies for rule creation.
  • We include inactive UDFs and UDF picklists, but flag them as “(inactive)”. This ensures setting a UDF field or UDF picklist as inactive won’t break a Search.
  • When you choose “id”, instead of entering an Autotask ID, you now are presented with a picklist of all Companies in your CRM to make selection easier.
  • Various smaller bugfixes and improvements.
Support for UDFs in Search Parameters

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