One of our goals at Giant Rocketship is to make your techs more efficient and allow them to do more work. We do this by solving the ticket management problem, enabling your techs to work quickly without switching screens and with minimal clicks. In this release, v1.0.11, we implement several performance improvements to Rocketship dashboards that utilize caching of Autotask data. 

Predict Ticket Routing

You can now see the destination Team/Tech via the Predict button for both dispatch and escalate allowing for greater visibility of ticket routing. 

Rocketship for Autotask predict button

Override Capabilities

We implemented a Forward capability that allows the helpdesk manager to override the Ticket Routing Rules and directly assign and schedule a tech when needed. 

Forward ticket menu

New Escalation Paths

We now support escalating down as well as escalating up in order to support better workflows in helpdesk teams. 

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