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rocketship for Autotask v1.0.5 Release

We are proud to announce v1.0.5 of rocketship for Autotask.

In this release, we have included several user-requested improvements.

  • Application Wide
    • Faster New Account Provisioning process — new users are provisioned within 30-45 seconds and notified via email.
  • rocketSchedule module: point-and-click dispatching and scheduling is easy as 1-2-3
    • rocketSchedule was released in v1.0.4 and automates the laborious and difficult task of scheduling techs/consultants to work tasks — the scheduling engine determines the optimum time for a resource to work based on their workload and the task priority.
    • We now sync Autotask Service Calls with our internal cache up to every 15 minutes for increased visibility.
    • Added integration with rocketRTM. See below.
  • rocketRTM module: define and automate your operations runbook
    • Added new ticket field support to Rules: resource, role, ticket category, allocation code.
    • Rules are now integrated with rocketSchedule. rocketRTM can now create new tickets, assign to a resource, and rocketSchedule will schedule the work directly on the Autotask calendar based on their workload and task priority.
    • Search engine now provides a Search Preview feature so that you can see live results from your CRM when building complex searches.
The Search Preview Helps When Creating Complex Search Queries
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