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rocketship for Autotask v1.0.6 Release

Anyone who manages a team knows the importance of having clearly defined and repeatable work processes. Great processes empower people to do their best work, but take valuable time to manage and optimize. Someone needs to create teams, designate assignments, and follow proper escalation protocols. With rocketFlow, you can automate these processes, making your teams more efficient and freeing up dispatch and service managers to focus on what really matters- the customers.

Introducing rocketFlow

As part of rocketship for Autotask’s v1.0.6 release, we’re introducing rocketFlow. Think of rocketFlow as an AI-driven dispatcher that handles new ticket assignments and escalations, freeing your dispatch and service manager to focus on helping clients, not babysitting tickets. These new features will keep your team’s dispatch processes humming in the background and allow them to focus on the work that really matters. 

New features in v1.06 of rocketship for Autotask include:

  • Product and Autotask Integration Tours allow you and your staff to quickly learn and integrate rocketship for Autotask.
  • With Status Protect, you never have to worry about your engineers leaving a ticket in a Scheduled status when work is done. rocketship will find those tickets and send them back to dispatch for you. One less step for your dispatcher and service manager to worry about.
  • Our new Settings Layout ensures you’ll always know where to go to tweak your configuration.

Schedule a demo today to learn how rocketship for Autotask can eliminate escalation guesswork and allow you to focus on solving the client.

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