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Rocketship for Autotask v1.0.7 Release

We believe our product is only as powerful as the competency of its users. Therefore, it is our mission to ensure our users have the information they need to quickly learn, integrate, and optimize rocketship for Autotask. With this in mind for our v1.0.7 release, we dedicated ourselves to refining and simplifying the new user onboarding experience. 

New Onboarding Features:

  • New user Onboarding Page creates a simplified and streamlined onboarding experience.  
  • Tours for existing users can be stopped and restarted at any time so customers can learn at their own pace. 
  • Full User-Defined Timezone Support lets you set your timezone in the engineer’s workboard and frontend user interface. 
  • Automated Tours help new users learn their way around and how to connect to Autotask.
v107 release automated tours

Additional upgrades in v.1.0.7 include: 

  • One-Click Login integration between Autotask and Flight Deck — no extra logins for engineers. Simply click a LiveLink and jump from Autotask to the Engineer WorkBoard.
  • Advanced Text Editor for Service Catalog Processes.
  • Our new Drag & Drop makes Editing Team Escalations quicker and easier than ever. 
v107 Drag Drop edit escalation

Schedule a demo today to learn how rocketship for Autotask can automate your Service Catalog and eliminate escalation guesswork, allowing you to focus on what really matters – helping your clients, not micromanaging tickets.

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