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Tags in Autotask

Tags in Autotask are custom metadata values in the form of words or numbers, that you can apply to a ticket, a Knowledgebase article, or a document to describe the basis of its content. Tags may represent any aspect of what the ticket, article, or document is about such as an error message or code, a specific make or model of hardware, etc.

How are tags used?

You can apply tags to tickets, Knowledgebase articles, and documents. When applied to tickets, tags describe what the request is about, or the problem that needs to be solved. When applied to Knowledgebase articles and documents, they describe a possible solution.

Tags can be color coded and organized into groups. The same tag may be associated with multiple tickets, articles, or documents. Items that share a tag have something in common.  For example, if a ticket and an article share a tag, the ticket may represent the problem, and the article the solution.

tags in Autotask example

System and custom tags

Datto has created a standard set of system tags and tag groups and added them to all Autotask customer databases. These tags and tag groups are active by default. Users can change a tag group and inactivate them, but cannot delete them and users can add up to 25,000 custom tags to an Autotask database.

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