Flight Deck for Autotask

Focus on solving client issues, not managing tickets. 


Free your team to work

Did you know on average employees spend over 50% of their day on work coordination instead of actually working? This is just one interesting fact from a recent survey released by productivity management software company Asana. Flight Deck for Autotask removes the coordinating and micro-managing of tickets in dispatching, scheduling, and escalations, allowing your team to launch into full productivity. 

Free your Service Manager to focus on clients

Flight Deck fully automates the dispatch, scheduling, and escalation process in Autotask — with just the click of a button and all powered by your own business rules. Free your Service Manager to improve service, not micro-manage tickets.

Make your techs more efficient

With Flight Deck for Autotask, your techs get a simplified Workboard to work from. They can close, escalate, and schedule tickets with minimal coordination, clicking, and planning. Even better, Flight Deck does all the heavy lifting and removes the need for a dedicated Dispatcher!

Set it and forget it

Gone are the days of constant ticket monitoring. Flight Deck’s automation needs minimal supervision, so you don’t need to waste time managing the automation day-to-day. You can set it and forget it, only reviewing and making tweaks as needed.


  • One-click dispatch, scheduling, and escalations
  • Define escalation and rules based on customers and ticket values
  • Intelligent, automated engineer work scheduling
  • Automate work in order of priority and SLAs
  • 1st of its kind engineer WorkBoard to keep your team focused
  • Can completely replace the difficult-to-use Autotask Dispatch Calendar
  • Provides functions not available anywhere in Autotask

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