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Automate Scheduling around Company Holidays

The scheduling module in Rocketship supports holidays. Specific to Autotask, the scheduler will honor the Holiday Set for each Autotask Internal Location when scheduling a resource.

This is enabled by default.

To understand how this works, and how you can disable/enable it as needed:

DispatchBoard Holiday View

Rocketship already sync with the HolidaySets from Autotask on a daily basis. You can view the current list of holidays via the “Holidays” page in the DispatchBoard.

WorkEvent Recipes (the scheduling module)

The actual configuration location of when Rocketship will honor HolidaySets is in WorkEvent Recipes. There, you can enable/disable support for Holidays as well as Autotask Appointments (normally these are Office 365 appointments for each resource).

Ticket Routing Rules

You control when, and if, the Ticket Routing module honors holidays when you configure which WorkEvents are used by the Ticket Routing Rules. For example, if you create a Rule “HelpDesk” and it is configured to use the WorkEvent Recipe “1 Hour Block, Include Holidays” then the Ticket Routing module will ignore holidays.

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