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Configuring How We Route Imported Autotask Service Calls

Rocketship is designed to “own” Service Calls for support agents. That said, there are times when Rocketship will import Service Calls from Autotask rather than being the source of those Service Calls in Autotask.

  • When you manually create a Service Call in Autotask
  • When a 3rd party tool creates a Service Call in Autotask
  • When you are onboarding and there are pre-existing, and open, Service Calls in Autotask

To control where imported Service Calls will show on the Agent WorkBoard, you can update the macro used by the import module. (Macros in Rocketship are used to make changes to Tickets, Tasks, Projects, and Service Calls and are a core feature in how we work translate your needs into rules.)

The macro is “WorkBoard – Process Imported Service Call”. By default, this macro has the following configuration:

  • Set to Acknowledged on Agent WorkBoard

This ensures imported Service Calls aren’t placed in the Pending zone on the WorkBoard. If you wish agents to still acknowledge a Service Call even when imported, edit the macro and disable “Set to Acknowledged”.

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