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Configuring Appointment Booking in Rocketship via Fixed Appointments

The Fixed Appointments engine needs a minimum set of information to work properly. If this isn’t configured, the Fixed Appointments engine will return an error when a user attempts to use it.

To configure the Fixed Appointments engine, several settings are used. Note, these are pre-configured out-of-the-box. They should normally work for you without modification.

  • Account->Profile->HelpDesk Email address. This is the appointment invite Organizer and should be your helpdesk email.
  • Workflows->SYS Workflows->Scheduling – Remote Fixed Appointment Created. The Workflow that executes when a Remote Appointment is created.
  • Workflows->SYS Workflows->Scheduling – Onsite Fixed Appointment Created. The Workflow that executes when an Onsite Appointment is created.
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