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Creating a CRM Search

CRM Search is a powerful feature of Giant Rocketship. Instead of hard-coding a Process Automation or Escalation Rule against fixed criteria, you can use a CRM Search to ensure that your rules dynamically adjust to the number and types of customers and services you have.

GRS navigation menu

Just follow these steps to get started:

  1. Select CRM Search on the Giant Rocketship navigation menu.
  2. In the Create New Search window enter your search criteria in the CRM Search* field.
  3. Enter text in the Description field (optional).
  4. Select Save New Entry.

Here is an example of creating a CRM search for All Prospects in Autotask:

GRS CRM New Search
CRM Search forAll Prospects

You can then edit a CRM search to build a custom query grid based on your selection in the CRM Field, Comparison Type, and Search Value columns:

GRS CRM Search Criteria
CRM Search Query

CRM Search values using a custom query could then be used in a Sales outreach to All Prospects using a Process Automation rule:

CRM Search in a Process Automation Rule

Basically, anything in CRM you can query using Rocketship’s CRM Search!

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