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Onboarding & Connecting to Autotask

The User Onboarding page in Giant Rocketship (GRS) features a step-by-step guide to defining your Profile Settings (including the very important time zone configuration as GRS is time-zone aware when scheduling escalations) and connecting to Autotask:

Connecting to Autotask screen

Once you have completed the required profile settings, you are then ready to move on to the Autotask Configuration process.  Connecting GRS to Autotask requires defining an API (application programming interface) username and password.

In Autotask, navigate to Admin>Resources (Users)>New API User to set up the required API user. When defining API user credentials it is recommended to use “API” in the Last Name field as it makes it very obvious in your resource list:

Add API when connecting to Autotask

Next you will generate credentials, Username (Key) and Password (Secret), to be used in the GRS Autotask configuration:

User Credentials

In API TRACKING IDENTIFIER set Giant Rocketship as an Integration Vendor:

Copy and paste the generated Username and Password values from Autotask into the GRS Autotask Configuration card and then click Save & Close in the Autotask Add API User window to ensure the API connection is active. Now you are ready to click Submit. GRS will verify that it’s an accurate working login and begin the downloading process (which can take 5-10 minutes depending on how much data you have in Autotask).  Once the downloading process is complete you will see the GRS Autotask Configuration card is completed:

Autotask Configuration

The final step in the onboarding process is to complete the Autotask Resource Mapping configuration which links your primary Autotask Resource and Role as defined in Autotask to GRS. (Note: Autotask always requires a role when assigning a resource to a ticket or task therefore GRS must also use the same configuration).

Once you have completed the GRS onboarding process it takes you to your Admin Dashboard and you are ready to go!

Rocketship Admin Dashboard
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