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Rocketship & Autotask Insight/Widget Integration

This article describes how to fully integrate Rocketship into the workflow of your team inside Autotask.

Rocketship can be integrated directly into Autotask, bypassing the need for a separate login or use of LiveLinks.

To do this, follow these three steps:

  1. Enabling Rocketship in the Autotask Integration Center
  2. Configuring Autotask Ticket Insight for Rocketship/CMD
  3. Configuring Autotask Dashboard Widget for Rocketship WorkBoard

Once these three steps are complete, you’ll be able to directly work with Rocketship without leaving Autotask.

You may also be interested in How to view another Resource’s Rocketship WorkBoard in Autotask.


Ticket Insight
Autotask Dashboard
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