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Scheduling Flex Appointments

The scheduling engine is one of the most powerful features in the Rocketship platform and it makes scheduling Flex Appointments a breeze. When we talk about scheduling a Flex Appointment, it’s about scheduling actual work to be done, e.g., “work for 30 minutes on activity X.” (This is different than a Fixed Appointment, which is tied to a certain day and time and usually represents an appointment on a calendar.)

Image scheduling workevents option in Rocketship command

Just follow these steps to get started with creating a Flex Appointment:

  • Select Flex Appointment on the Rocketship/CMD panel in a Ticket
  • Select a Resource to Schedule
  • Select a Flex Appointment Recipe
  • Options include No Sooner Than Days and Service Call Notes
  • Click Submit
Create WorkEvent

The Rocketship scheduling engine then adds the Flex Appointments to the designated resource’s workboard.

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