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Using Macros Inside Tickets

The Rocketship macro engine is the boost that propels Autotask ticket automations such as appointment scheduling and ticket routing. In addition to the built-in macros provided you can create custom macros to streamline your Autotask tickets, projects and tasks.

Rocketship Macros

Just follow these steps to get started with macros:

  • Navigate to Macros in the Rocketship Admin panel
  • Select Create Recipe
  • Enter a Recipe Name
  • Select Published to make it available in the Ticket window
  • Choose macro actions from the following categories:
    • Changes to Service Call Status
    • Changes to Tickets
    • Changes to Ticket Due Date
    • Changes to Projects
    • Changes to Tasks
  • Select Save New Entry
  • Now your macro is ready to use on the Rocketship/CMD panel in a Ticket.

So unleash the power of macros in Rocketship to save time with ticket categories, due dates, queues and much more!

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