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Using the WorkBoard Toggle Type Button

During onboarding, existing Service Calls (SCs) will be imported into Autotask. Because these SCs existed prior to our integration working with your Autotask database, we won’t know if they are an Appointment (fixed date/time) or a WorkEvent (work in order, not fixed to a set date/time).

During onboarding, you can “toggle” imported SCs easily in the WorkBoard by enabling the Toggle Type feature. Once onboarding is done, be sure to turn this off so it is not abused by your team.

  1. Log into Rocketship Admin
  2. Go to Workload Optimization->WorkBoard
  3. Set “Enable WorkBoard Toggle..” to YES

Once this is done, refresh your WorkBoard.

You’ll notice a new button “Toggle Type”. If you click this on a SC in the WorkBoard, it will flip it between an Appointment or WorkEvent.

This is important because Rocketship makes it clear when a event is fixed to a date/time (an Appointment) vs an event that is to be worked in the order given, but may not be required at an exact date/time (a WorkEvent).

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