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Using Ticket Routing to Automate Dispatch & Escalations

With Rocketship for Autotask it is easy to use ticket routing to automate dispatch & escalations. Ticket routing is how you shuffle tickets around – whether it’s a dispatch, which is assigning a ticket to a resource when there’s been no assignment before, or whether it needs to go to a different tier. Dispatch in Rocketship is powered by escalation recipes in the Ticket Routing section of the Admin panel.

Rocketship for Autotask ticket routing

There are built-in Escalation Recipes to activate or you can create a custom escalation recipe for ticket routing that includes options for company matching criteria using CRM Search as well as ticket matching criteria filters such as ticket status, queue, priority, category, issue, and sub-issue.

Rocketship for Autotask escalations

Ticket routing recipes also need an escalation path of who the ticket should be assigned to, which is defined using Workflow – which is the sequence of team tiers (sometimes referred to as skill trees where skillsets are defined) that will be used to escalate a request.

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