rocketTask for Autotask

Turn a dreaded task into a business advantage with intelligent Recurring Ticket automation. 

Handle repetitive tasks with                        Service Catalog automation 

Light-years ahead of the unscalable recurring ticket system in Autotask, rocketTask turns a dreaded task into a business advantage for your MSP by fully automating your Service Catalog’s playbook. No more calendars and manually creating tickets for repetitive tasks — it’s magically handled for you by rocketTask for Autotask.

Game changing solution for process documentation

Take the tedium out of documentation and recurring tickets in Autotask using a single solution. rocketTask takes static procedure documents and brings them to life with powerful, yet easy-to-use automation. Turn your Service Catalog into a living, breathing process that improves client outcomes and eliminates missed steps.

Stop the waste

Your team spends too much time and energy setting up individual processes for each client. With rocketTask for Autotask they define the process once and let automation take care of the rest. It’s the perfect solution for verifying client backups and scheduling KBRs. 

rocketTask for Autotask features:

  • CRM driven, not per Account
  • Dynamically adapts to your Customer Base
  • Every setting is flexible
  • Automatically dispatches and schedules tickets
  • Provides powerful, scalable features not available in Autotask
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