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Comparison Guide of 10 IT Documentation Solutions for MSPs

IT documentation solutions enable an MSP to create a repository full of written records documenting all the processes that are done by an MSP. Though it can be a labor-intensive process in the beginning, investing in IT documentation early on will eventually save your technicians hours of time spent trying to recreate or invent processes for daily tasks.

10 IT Documentation Solutions:

Company/SolutionStand.AloneKey Features
Yes• Create and share policies, best practices and procedures, tutorials, how-to guides, and technical information
• Offers built-in templates and formatting macros with real-time coediting capabilities
• Structured with a global dashboard and departmental spaces with associated pages
• Offers three hosting solutions: Cloud, Data Center, Server
Document Manager
Autotask PSA
• Collect and reference documents related to a customer right inside of Autotask
• An authoring tool to create original-content documents from scratch
• A reference tool for referencing documents located outside of Autotask
• Link content to related Autotask tickets including associated attachments
DocusnapYes• Agentless, automated IT inventory
• IT documentation, including diagrams, processes, reports, and concepts
• Permissions and security analysis
• License management
• Organizational charts
HuduYes• Customizable documentation
• Repeatable processes/checklists
• Secure password vault
• Custom-built assets
• Data integration
IT BoostYes• Cloud-based/part of the ConnnectWise family
• Create or import documents/allows for internal and external KB articles
• Library management framework
• Revision controls protect and audit documents
IT GlueYes• Flexible assets
• Password management
• API & documentation automation
• Knowledgebase & SOPs
• SOC 2 Compliant
IT PortalYes• Save important files, images, and notes about your environment as documents and relate them to devices
• Sample documents include build books, diagrams, checklists, forms, DR documentation, policies and procedures
• A repository can have one main attached file, or sets of folders with associated files
• Integrates/syncs with Autotask
NinjaOneYes• SaaS platform/RMM
• Creates support scripts and system status documentation
• The interface can be customized to both monitor clients as well as manage device inventory
• Built-in remote access with remote commands allow technicians to troubleshoot without initiating a session
SuperOps PSA
• Highly customizable for building SOPs
• SaaS system
• Creates system usage guides
• Flexible cloud-based product
SyncMonkeyYes• Easy and effective tracking of internal information
• Built-in best practices for client documentation
• Integrates/syncs with Autotask
• Designed to securely store important client information such as network diagrams and checklists

Proper documentation speed up service times, ensures processes are being followed, and ensures consistency of work. Comprehensive documentation is what separates the good, the bad, and the great MSPs!

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