Focus on solving client issues, not managing tickets.

Rocketship completely automates ticket lifecycle management in Autotask, from tech assignment, to scheduling work, to escalations — no more staring at calendars and workload reports — let our AI do it for you. Free your tech to focus exclusively on solving client issues.

Built to help you scale your Autotask-driven MSP, faster and easier than ever.

We offer you the ultimate, and only, ticket lifecycle automation software for Autotask.

Eliminate Mundane Tasks

Fully automate your playbook — no more calendars and manually creating tickets for repetitive tasks — it’s magically handled for you in rocketTask.

Be Early

Maximize your techs with Flight Deck’s intelligent work scheduling by turning calendar management and scheduling over to an AI — ensures tickets are worked, service calls are created, and requests are resolved quickly.

Automate Your Team

Define work teams and automate assignment and escalation with Flight Deck’s dispatch & escalation engine — let your Service Manager focus on helping clients, not babysitting tickets.

Get a Free Engineer for your Autotask-driven MSP.

Did you know that the average MSP spends up to 25% of helpdesk time simply managing tickets? Think about your own MSP — how much time does your team spend simply managing an Autotask ticket? From dispatch, to scheduling (and rescheduling), to escalating tickets between engineers, your team spends up to 1/4 of their week simply moving tickets around on dispatch boards, engineer work queues, and scheduling calendars.

Rocketship eliminates that waste with efficiency.

For every four engineers on your team, Rocketship can help you recover a “Free Engineer” in time savings alone. With technical talent at a premium in the current IT labor environment, why waste their time, and your profit, on ineffective processes when it can be automated?

What is Rocketship for Autotask?

Rocketship is a simple and easy to use solution to define tasks and schedule work inside Autotask — using intelligent, rule-based workflows. Do in seconds what used to take hours of manually reviewing and optimizing your tech time.


With rocketTask, define a Service Catalog for your operations, ranging from routine NOC tasks to account manager quarterly business reviews.


With Flight Deck’s escalation engine, rule-based assignment and escalation of inbound tasks is available for the first time in Autotask. Never manually assign tasks again. Even better, provides point-and-click escalation of tasks.


With Flight Deck’s scheduling engine, point-and-click dispatching and scheduling is easy as 1-2-3. Flight Deck uses intelligent scheduling to find and schedule work based on ticket priority and resource workload.

Use the right tool for Autotask to help you run your business better.

Rocketship is an innovative solution designed to work directly inside Autotask. It gives you the power to automate repetitive tasks that your Service Manager and Engineers shouldn’t be doing, freeing up time that would otherwise be wasted by your team.

Designed by an MSP for Autotask-driven MSPs.

Designed from the ground-up by an MSP for MSPs. Rocketship will reduce your administrative burden while freeing your technical resources to exclusively work on client requests — instead of trying to evaluate, route, and manage tickets.

Recurring Tasks

Using a Service Catalog ensures you never reinvent the wheel. You can make one library of procedures and share with your team members to improve communication, help you cover more ground and optimize your resources.

​Dynamic Search Engine

Discover your data! Take advantage of an intuitive, flexible, and powerful search engine in Rocketship that is used across all of our modules to provide a seamless experience.

Rule-based Ticket Creation

Rule-based ticket creation provides a robust solution by streamlining the process from creation to assignment. It’s the only automated system of its kind that combines re-usable templates and searches and assignment to resources.

Intelligent Scheduling

Too small for a Dispatcher? Or too large for your Service Manager to be micro-managing tickets? Flight Deck automates the scheduling of work for your team based on priority, task age, and resource workload.

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