Get a free engineer for your IT helpdesk.

Work scheduling and coordination consumes 25% of IT helpdesk time. That’s one engineer for every four on your team. We give that engineer back to you.

IT company owner or helpdesk manager? Use Datto Autotask?

Rocketship eliminates the costly inefficiencies of manual ticket management while freeing your team to work exclusively on customer requests. Spend more time with customers and stop wasting money analyzing calendars and workload reports.

Automated Scheduling

Tell Rocketship the result you want, and let it balance workload and scheduling for you. Stop staring at calendars and utilization graphs and max out your engineers.

Escalation Workflows

Time to escalate from triage? Need to route a ticket to another team? Rocketship handles data collection and routing for you, and will even auto-schedule the next engineer.

Appointments & Calendar Invites

Appointments account for only 20% of workload management, but it’s a tough 20%. Rocketship makes it a snap.

Holiday & PTO Aware

Helpdesk manager stressed out with workload reports and PTO schedules? Rocketship routes work around holidays, PTO, and timezones for you.

Streamlined Work Dashboard

Reduce information overload to a simple screen with appointments and ranked work assignments.

While hybrid and remote work trends have afforded greater flexibility for employees, the majority of their day — 58% — is still being lost to work coordination rather than the skilled, strategic jobs they’ve been hired to do.

Use the right tool for Datto Autotask to help you run your business better.

Rocketship is an innovative solution designed to work directly inside Datto Autotask. It gives you the power to automate repetitive tasks that your helpdesk manager and engineers shouldn’t be doing, freeing up time that would otherwise be wasted by your team.

Finally! A consolidated dashboard for your engineers that organizes appointments and work events, allows single-click batch updates to Autotask tickets, tasks, and projects, and frees managers from micro-managing activity.

Let's make IT fun smart fast again

Watch your helpdesk manager cry with happiness when you free your helpdesk from staring at calendars and workload reports. Now your helpdesk manager can focus on building your team and customer relationships, while Rocketship optimizes the work your team does.

We do more than make appointments, we schedule your success.

Eliminate Mundane Tasks

Fully automate your playbook and let our software do the heavy lifting. Don’t force your helpdesk manager to stare at another workload and agent availability report.

Be Early

Always struggling to catch up?  Always late on VIP tickets? Try a new approach: Be Early. Our software is SLA aware, meaning it will rank and schedule in a way that makes sense.

Automate Your Team

Set up work teams and define rules that govern how, when, and why tickets are assigned, work scheduled, and issues escalated. Your team just needs to click a button, and the magic happens for them.

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