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AI Data Policy

How we use your data to train AI models.


At Giant Rocketship, we are committed to leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) responsibly to enhance our services while prioritizing our users’ privacy and data integrity. Here’s how we handle AI and customer data:

  1. AI Technologies: Our AI solutions are developed internally and operate solely within our Amazon Web Services (AWS) tenant. We do not utilize any publicly hosted AI, such as those provided by OpenAI. Our AI focuses on categorization and predictive analyses to improve service efficiency and effectiveness. We do not employ generative AI or AI for creating text.
  2. Data Handling and Privacy: We maintain strict data segregation policies to ensure that customer data is not mixed with data from other customers when training AI models. All customer data is stored and processed exclusively within our controlled environments, ensuring that data privacy and integrity are preserved.
  3. Use of Customer Data: The data provided by our customers is used solely to enhance the functionality of our products, including but not limited to intelligent assignment, optimized scheduling, and predictive service capabilities.
  4. Changes to This Policy: We reserve the right to modify this AI and Data Use Policy. Any changes will be communicated to our users through email, an announcement on our website, or directly within our application user interface, at least 14 days before any changes take effect.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding our AI and data use practices, please contact our support team at [email protected].



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