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rocketship v1.0.4 Release

We are proud to announce v1.0.4 of rocketship for Autotask. This is a very big release!

In this release, there is an “automated dispatcher” that is used to dispatch/schedule techs. This is used in any MSP that uses the dispatch model vs a “pull a random ticket from the queue” model MSPs.

With rocketSchedule, a dispatcher/service manager/tech can stop worrying about how to schedule their time optimally. rocketSchedule will review their workload and schedule a service call on the best day and time for the given ticket to be worked.

The big wins for each role:

  • Dispatchers can now focus almost exclusively on appointment setting; filtering through end-user comments and requests; and other high value tasks. The high effort tasks of identifying the optimal “timeslot” for a tech to work a ticket is no longer needed.
  • Service Managers that do dispatch work can now move to higher-value tasks. Additionally, if they have a dispatcher that works under them, they will know that their dispatcher can also focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Techs can use rocketSchedule to auto-dispatch work to themselves in the best order. This allows them to move faster to resolve tickets instead of waiting on a human dispatcher.
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