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Autotask Service Call Cleaner

Rocketship has a tool to bulk close service calls. This tool is normally used by our support team when onboarding new customers, but is available to the client admin as well. The use case is that an Autotask user has used service calls in the past, but didn’t close them out. Some customers may have thousands of open service calls in their Autotask database.

To use this tool:

  1. Log into Rocketship as an admin
  2. Go to Autotask Connection
  3. Go to Connections Stats->Tools
  4. Click on Service Calls Tool->Stats & Cleaner
  5. Create a service call cleaner “job” by clicking “Create Service Call Cleaner Job”
  6. Set the service call start and end date for service calls to be closed.
  7. Click Save

The start/end date is very important. Generally, this is only used for orphaned service calls, e.g., you may say “Jan 1, 2000” to “Dec 31, 2021”. It’s not really common to use this for current service calls.

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