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Enabling Rocketship in the Autotask Integration Center

This article describes how to enable Rocketship in the Autotask Integration Center. It is part of the “Rocketship & Autotask Insight/Widget Integration” series.

  1. Log into Autotask as an admin
  2. Click on Admin->Extensions & Integrations
  3. Click on Other Extensions & Tools
  4. Click on Integration Center (this screen may take 10-15 seconds to open when clicked)
  5. In the Vendors tab, scroll down to Giant Rocketship
  6. Click Edit on the hamburger menu
  7. Ensure these are set:
  8. Active = YES
    1. Integration Vendor Widgets
      1. Enable Integration Vendor Widgets = YES
    1. Vendor Insights
      1. Enable Integration Vendor Ticket Insights = YES
      2. Enable Integration Vendor Configuration Item Insights = YES
  9. Click Save & Close

The ACTIVE field is at the top, while the remaining settings are at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to set ACTIVE to yes.

Be sure to enable ACTIVE
Fields to enable at the bottom of the screen

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