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How to create an Escalation Rule in Rocketship

To create an Escalation Rule in Rocketship:

  1. Log into Rocketship Admin
  2. Go to Flight Deck->Escalation Automation
  3. Click Create Rule in the Escalation Rules window
  4. Set the Name to be short but descriptive, e.g., “Network Support Tickets”
  5. If desired, set Schedule Type to the default block of time to schedule a newly assigned resource
  6. Set the CRM Search, e.g., All Active Customers
  7. Use the Ticket Matching Criteria to restrict when this Escalation Rule is applied. In our example of “Network Support”, we would likely set either the Queue or Issue fields to match tickets that are specific to Network Support
  8. Click Save New Entry

Note, by default, new Escalation Rules are created as disabled and with no Escalation Path as that is defined by your business rules.

Next you’ll need to define the Escalation Path so that Rocketship knows who gets the ticket when, and then Enable the Escalation Rule as new Rules are disabled by default. Read our HOWTO to Define the Escalation Path.

Our new Escalation Rule!
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