When setting up the Autotask LiveLink connections, one of the first steps is to configure the LiveLink Application that houses the password/secret shared between Autotask and Rocketship.

If you need to re-enter the ClientKey, you can follow this process. This is needed when you are first setting up the LiveLinks or when you use the Reset ClientKey function to generate a new key.

  1. Log into Rocketship Admin
  2. Click on Autotask Connection
  3. Find the ClientKey in the LiveLink ClientKey window (refer to image below)
  4. Copy the ClientKey
  5. Log into Autotask
  6. Go to Admin->(Admin Categories)->Automation
  7. Click on Autoforms & LiveLinks (refer to image below)
  8. Click on Applications (between LiveLinks and Security Policies)
  9. Click on GRS rocketship
  10. Paste the ClientKey into the Application Username/Password (refer to image below)
  11. Click Save & Close

NOTE: You will save the same ClientKey value in both the username and password fields in the Autotask LiveLink Application page!

The LiveLink ClientKey in Rocketship
Accessing the Automation Configuration Screen
Updating the ClientKey in Autotask