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Overview of the Sales Process in Autotask

The Autotask database provides features that allow users to forecast sales and generate quotes for customers and prospects. A potential sale in Autotask is called an Opportunity.

A sales opportunity typically exists when:

* A customer has a need or requirement

* Your company has a solution for the need or requirement

* The solution or requirement must be implemented in a specific time frame

* The customer has a budget to implement the solution

The sales process in Autotask often parallels features depicted in a typical sales funnel where the process begins with a lead, the creation of an opportunity, the generation of a quote, and winning the sale:

In Autotask the document provided to a customer that lists prices for products and/or services and guarantees them for a specified time is called a Quote.

Note: You can create an opportunity without creating a quote, but you cannot create a quote without creating an opportunity.

A Sales Order in Autotask allows you to track quoted products after the quote is accepted and the deal is closed.

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