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Grab-and-Go Self Assignment

There is a use case that happens in some MSPs where the person triaging a ticket is also the person that will work the ticket. For example, a resource may answer a customer call, create the ticket, and begin working immediately with the customer.

In this situation, it can be tedious to use a Rocketship Dispatch or Rocketship Forward operation as they are designed for future work. The Grab-and-Go dispatch operation is an alternative that allows the resource that triaged the ticket to immediately begin work.

With Grab-and-Go, the resource only answers two questions:

  • Team. What is the team they are operating under while working the ticket.
  • Schedule Type. Do they want to override the system default work block that will be created and started.

When a Grab-and-Go operation is performed, the following will happen:

  1. Rocketship will forward the ticket to the resource clicking ‘Grab-and-Go’.
  2. A Next Activity will be created per the Admin’s default setting.
  3. The Next Activity will be started for the resource.
  4. Any Rocketship workflows for these operations will execute.

This all happens behind the scenes; the resource working the ticket can instantly move forward with work. The benefit of this approach is that the Next Activity work block will track effort by the resource, helping Rocketship to properly allocate timeslots and ensuring service managers are always aware of current work by the team.

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