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Using the DispatchBoard QuickView

The DispatchBoard is accessed through the Rocketship Admin menu and features two elements: Team Management and QuickView.

Rocketship DispatchBoard menu

DispatchBoard QuickView is an overview board that displays open Flex Appointments and Fixed Appointments (which are recorded in Autotask as Service Calls) grouped by resources and organized by priority. The board catches some issues for you to address by displaying alert indicators. For example, in the screenshot below the +2 alert next to a ticket number indicates this ticket has more than one Service Call currently open (which indicates an overbooked resource):

Rocketship DispatchBoard QuickView

Team Management displays a Team List of resources and their associated contact information, team and ticket routing membership, open events as well as the capability to set availability status and view each resource’s schedule and workboard. For example, the screenshot below indicates the first resource in the list has PTO scheduled and is unavailable for accepting routed tickets:

Rocketship Team List

Please use the Rocketship Admin menu Support Request or Feature Request to offer your input or suggestions and let us know what you think!

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